Monday, October 31, 2011

BOO Hoo Hoo

I love holidays, the preparations, late nights scrambling to finish projects, making lists, checking them twice and the joy they bring. Halloween seems to be the start, marking the beginning of a highly anticipated holiday season. Halloween has never been a big one for me but I do love costumes and candy so each year I give it a good effort. I also love how much it means to so many others, how excited they get about decorations, awesome party treats and coordinating costumes.

This year though I can't say I gave it my all, more like a 75% effort. My early pregnancy sickness squelched my motivation for wonderful costumes and Trexen declaring he doesn't like to dress up didn't help restore it. The boys still don't really understand trick-or-treating and I'm swaying more towards the mom who just buys them a bag of candy at the store than traipsing around in the cold getting plowed over by big kids for some sweets . In good holiday spirit though I got a bit creative, turned Trex into a fisherman and Pacey into his fish.

Well despite my three quarters effort it was a Halloween filled with lots of boo hoo hoo. Trexen was awake most of last night, his first soccer class didn't go well this morning, one of them was crying the entire day, very short naps and we only made it to two houses trick-or-treating. The boys cried going to my cousins, cried because I wouldn't let them eat all the candy, cried on the way to auntie Jenna's and kicked it up a notch to screaming on the way home. At 4:45 I put them in the bath, scrubbed and declared Halloween to be over. Jeff brought home pizza and they went to bed early. As I was grabbing my camera card I stubbed my pinkie toe, spilled my water and still hear the boys crying in bed. Oh me oh my, boo hoo hoo.

We will move on, get ready for the next holiday and step it up. You do get what you put into it so I guess I shouldn't be surprised BUT look out Thanksgiving I've got a ton to be thankful for and Christmas get ready... you know I LOVE you.

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