Saturday, December 18, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Our PB & J Christmas Party was spectacular. Lots of playing, graham cracker houses, a delicious lunch and a gift exchange. Jenna and Gavin were wonderful hosts! What a great end to a wonderful PB & J Day year. Thank you mamas for joining in, connecting and blessing me with amazing friendships. Enjoy the holiday season, we will resume in the new year!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Can't Wait

I can't wait for our Christmas party this Friday! One I love Christmas, two I love parties, three I can't wait to connect with my mama friends and fourth Trexen is extremely excited to wrap and give his gift! Hope everyone is enjoying the season, soaking it all in and smiling through it all!

See you Friday!

Friday, December 10, 2010

One Life

One of my good friends told me some heart wrenching, tear envoking news last night. Her and I have been a bit disconnected lately with busy schedules but we will always be good friends and when we do connect simply pick up where we left off.

She has struggled her whole life with health issues, had a miracle baby two years ago and has been on the mend. Their lives have been hectic yet joyful until last week. My dear friend was taken the to ER, hospitalized and diagnosed with a not so great disease. As the words were spilling out of her mouth through the phone my heart was breaking. Their life has just been turned upside down and she is back at square one with health challenges.

We caught up on life, the little everyday things, big looming decisions, silly stories from our 2 year olds and discussed holiday plans. The conversation ended like all others, saying how great it was to talk, promising to find a night for dinner and hopeful prayers being sent but as I hung up the tears were flowing. God has given us all one life, a precious, fragile life that could last many many years or end ever too quickly.

As I returned to the family room my husband lay on the floor, the two little ones jumping on top with a slew of tractors surrounding them. Really who cares about the "to-do" list, heaps of laundry lining the couch or syrup in my hair from dinner. We only know about today, the here and now; we've been given one life to live, let's live it in the grandest way possible!

Monday, December 6, 2010


Oh how I love this season! Twinkling lights, cutting down the perfect tree, placing it just right in the family room, spending forever putting ornaments on and then rearranging way too many times, paper chains, fresh snow and little people nativity sets (yep that's right we have a little people Jesus).

This past weekend we kicked off the holiday season. Our annual Christmas tree party was fantastic, lots of fun at the tree farm and great looking trees. We "Christmatized" the house and it is so festive, puts a smile right on my face! We even spontaneously packed the kids up in their pj's to drive around looking at Christmas lights. What a wonderful season, take it all in mamas, it will be gone way too quickly!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Bouncy Town

They were jumping up and down, faces beaming with excitement squealing with joy. Bouncy Town was a big hit with the boys this week. We had the place to ourselves, free to roam, play and soak in their enthusiasm. Bouncy Town is down right fun, the tall slide makes your stomach drop while the obstacle course challenges you to go faster! Energy was burnt, little boys got sweaty and mamas loved all the smiles. Another great PB & J, hope to see you all next week!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

I am Thankful For...

I am overwhelming thankful for my life. I could have been born in any country, to any family and into any situation but God blessed me. This country is amazing filled with an abundance of opportunity and freedom; my family is simply amazing, they fill me with unexplainable love and my situation is one I wouldn't change for the world. My life is fast paced, loud, predictable yet unpredictable, never boring, joyful and perfect for me.

Today will be filled with juice turkey, creamy white mashed potatoes with just the right amount of melted butter and an assortment of pies to truly put us in a food coma. But today is amount so much more, the feeling of thankfulness. In all times we should be thankful, not just today and not just when things go our way but always.

Happy Thanksgiving, I am thankful for you!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

It was a HOOT!

Paceler's first birthday was owlishly great! The house was filled with family, friends and lots of little owls. The night owl himself was laid back and relaxed as usual. He enjoyed the cake, all his new toys and playing with friends. No more birthday parties til next year, I do however already have ideas...

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Not In the Plan

I am always planning my next move. What to wear, what to pack, what car to take, when to do my work, when to sew, when to clean, when to play. There is always something to plan and as a mom planning is essential. You always have to be one step ahead, thinking about dinner before dinner, strategizing bath time before it occurs, deciding when to give the bed time warning before meltdown hits. Kids like plans and so do I. As they say I am a type A personality, I like plans, I like organization but let me remind you I do have kids, two little ones at that.

As much as I plan and calculate every move in my mind sometimes it is necessary to be spontaneous. It doesn't happen often but it did this Monday. My good friend emailed Sunday evening asking if we wanted to make a trip to the Rockford Discovery Center. Well we had nothing "planned" but could we really just say sure and go? Yes we could and we did! It was fabulous, a fun filled day with friends.

Then you have the weeks where nothing goes as planned or one, just one thing can mess it all up. I am also having one of those weeks. I planned to go to Bible Study Tuesday night, go to work Wednesday, go to the grocery store, deliver a meal, take my friend her birthday gift, finish the owl costumes and go on with my week. Well I picked Trex up Tuesday afternoon and my mommy radar went off. Something was not right. Off to urgent care we went, no Bible study. Three hours later we were off to the pharmacy, he had strep throat and scarlet fever. What! Working from home on Wednesday and sent the husband grocery shopping (definitely not the plan).

But hey, everyone is on medicine now and we have celebrating to do! As a mama I am usually planned, thinking out every move but I also have learned to go with the flow when needed. Nothing is going as planned but that's ok. 13 owl costumes finished, Poplin items ready for the craft sale and some major giddy anticipation brewing. We will celebrate big this Friday evening!

Enjoy your Friday- I will miss you all. PB & J Day will resume next Monday!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Yiippeee For Play Dates

A fabulous Friday with fabulous friends! Play dates are so much fun not just for the kiddos but the mamas too. We read books, played tractors, searched for lost nuks, grilled up some mean grilled cheese sandwiches and chatted about life. What a perfect PB & J!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Friday Already?

I am not sure where this week went! It was filled with fun, friends, work and sickness. I am fighting a sinus infection yet trying to not slow down, we will see how this works out! Anyways tomorrow is play date at my house, hope you can make it!!! I will be making grilled sandwiches for lunch (cheese, pizza, ham and cheese). Come, relax and let the kids make a mess of toys:)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Digging Deep

Night Owl birthday party planning is in full swing. I have to admit though I just haven't had the same amount time or motivation as for the farm party. The poor 2nd child, it is starting already. I even found myself thinking "he is only turning 1; he won't know the difference". Oh my did that really just cross my mind, I would have never allowed a thought like that to creep in during Trexen's first birthday planning. It just seemed different with Trex, he seemed so much older or maybe I am just a different mom with the second???

I grew up hearing my middle sister make comments about being the 2nd child, she never felt as special, as good, as celebrated. Although this wasn't true it was in her mind and oh how I don't want that for my 2nd born. He is just as special and we will celebrate his life just as big as the first. So I am digging down deep, mustering up the energy and making 10 night owl costumes for all the little ones attending the party. Well they do have to play the part right, I mean how can they enter the "Playtime Owl's Nest" without costumes. I have one done and it took me forever. I am slightly thinking this was too big of an undertaking (don't you dare tell my husband) but it will happen. I have my mind made up, owl costumes are a go!

Dig deep mamas, grab that extra ounce of energy and make it magically!

Friday, November 5, 2010

All Worn Out

Open gym was fantastic this morning! I am so excited it has started back up. We had lots of mamas and kiddos come but there were SOOO many people who couldn't tell who was who. The older boys loved all the cars, pedaling as fast as their legs could go. The little ones liked the slides, jungle gym, kid coaster and gym mats. Mamas were chatting and chasing kids all at the same time. As we were walking out to the car some of the kids said, "mommy I am tired, I want a nap." Oh music to a mamas ears!!!

Open Gym runs November-February at the Holum Education Center in DeForest.
M-W-F at 10-11am, Thursday evening 6:30-7:30
For kids 5 and younger, free.

Forgot my camera today- thanks Nicole P for the pics!

Brady waiting to fill Gavin's car up

Trex & Nathan- 2 jumping beans

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Open Gym

Tomorrow is open gym, yeah!!! Open Gym is for kids 5 and younger, it is free, a bit chaotic but super fun. There are a bunch of bikes/cars for the kids to ride, a jungle gym, little trampoline, kid coaster and even an area for babies. It isn't the greatest venue for mamas to chat (there will be lots of kid chasing) but the kiddos will get out tons of energy.

See you there!
Hwy 51 north to DeForest
Left on Holum St (Mobil gas station on corner)
Straight ahead- Holum Education Center will be on your right.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Please Perform

Weddings... wonderful and stressful all at the same time. My younger sister got married this weekend to the love of her life. Almost a full year of planning and preparation for this one day event, this monumental- never to forget, event. My husband, two little boys and I all had a part in the wedding. It is an honor to be a groomsman, ring bearer and matron of honor. An honor that is filled with complete joy and an unbelievable amount of pressure.

Rehearsal did not go well for the ring bearers. Well that is probably an understatement, they left in tears, my mother-in-law was already exhausted and I was in a panic. There was no way my two year old was going to pull his almost one year old brother down the aisle in a wagon. Of course that was the plan but who had plan b or c or d? We decided to have my cousins who were supposed to walk down the aisle first go last with Trex and Pace, ok plan b was established now they just needed to perform.

Wedding day arrived filled with excitement, anticipation, nerves and a bunch of scrambling. My mother-in-law was in charge of the kids for the weekend and scheduled to bring them to the church by 2pm. 2:14 rolled around, pictures were being taken and the bride was ready to go but where were the kiddos. Well the nuk of all things was missing and kids were screaming. Oh what a moment, someone find a nuk and find it fast! Right before the wedding we prayed and not just a normal prayer this was a hard core God please please help these boys perform kind of prayer. In the end the boys were wonderful, they walked down that aisle like little pros and sat through the ceremony with nothing but a "I need milk" from Trexen.

What a fabulous weekend, wonderful and stressful all in one.

Open gym this Friday, see you there!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Happy Halloween

Oh my, I have the best friends! No really. Every week I leave PB & J day with a big smile thanking God for putting these amazing mamas in my path. All the mamas are kind, loving, truly interested in each other's crazy weeks and above all head over heels for their little ones. Today was no different, we partied like rock stars! Nicole P. was a fantastic host with the cutest decorations. Lunch was more like a spooktacular feast and the pin the mouth on the pumpkin game was a hit. Every little kiddo was decked out head to toe in an adorable costume; we had Donald Driver, Yoda, Mario, a few dinosauers, owls and much more. After 2 hours we packed up the costumes, goody bags and cameras with whiny tired kiddos in toe.
Enjoy the pics, enjoy the holiday weekend and enjoy being a mama.
Our attempt at a group photo
Yoda & Donald Driver
Hoot Hoot
Halloween Feast
Ready to eat
Playroom disaster
Gavin pinning a mouth on
Trex & Nathan deciding where it should go

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Halloween Party

Our PB & J Day Halloween party is tomorrow!!! Can't wait, lots of yummy treats and little ones in costumes. We will be at the Paczesny house, hope to see you there!

4409 Elgar Lane, Madison

Monday, October 25, 2010

When it Rains, It Pours

Isn't it funny how life occurs in seasons and when it's busy season it sure is busy season. People often say "when it rains, it pours" referring to challenging times but for me it happens during good times too. Life is so super crazy, all extremely good fantastic things but all at once. My sister is getting married on Saturday, yeah! I am the matron of honor, my husband a groomsman and my two little ones ring bearers. We will be away from home all weekend shuttling the kids here and there trying to keep up the energy and enjoy all the moments.

It is also Halloween week and oh what a PB & J Day party we have planned! It will be spookarrific, lots of kiddos dressed up and mamas taking pictures.

An out of this world opportunity has popped up for my Poplin business and you will soon see my products in a store (more details to come). On top of it all our little Peepers turns 1 soon. Lots of "night owl" party planning taking place in the wee hours of the morning.

It sure is pouring around here but I wouldn't have it any other way. See you Thursday!!!

(despite crabby boys, tired mommy and daddy we got out the pumpkins and did some serious carving!)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Great Outdoors

Well today may have been our last outdoor PB & J Day adventure for a while but it was a good one! All boys again but that's ok, we love our boys. We walked through the center with leaves crunching under our feet, a light breeze and little boys running ahead to see all the animals. They fed the deer leaves, watched the river otter swim and smelled the super smelly skunk. After we walked the trails it was back to my house for a cozy indoor lunch. Not much eating took place but lots of playing and chatting, perfect!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What if...

What is your biggest fear? The thing you just would not be able to get over, would not be able to get out of bed and move on if it occurred? This was the topic at Bible study tonight and what a topic it is. We live in a culture obsessed with fear, we live everyday fearing something. But what is the one fear that gets you deep down, makes your stomach ache and heart race. What if you could live a life set free from that fear?

You can.

With God, truly trusting God with all fears will set you free.

Going to bed praying about my fear and for the courage to trust God with all I got. Night Night.

Giveaway Winner... #3... Jenna Vander Velde, congrats!


Giveaway this week is from Fat Cat Beads. Very pretty earrings for a very lucky mama!!! Comment on this post telling me your favorite accessory (earrings, shoes, scarves, etc) or become a follower of this blog. Winner will be chosen tonight- earrings delivered tomorrow at PB & J!

See you all tomorrow- Mackenzie Center in Poynette. Forecast looks sunny and in the 60's.

- Take Hwy 51 north to Hwy 22

- Continue on Hwy 22

-Turn left onto CS

-Turn left into Mackenzie Center- parking lot on your right

We will meet in the parking lot at 10:15.

Enjoy your Tuesday!!!

Monday, October 18, 2010


Some days are filled with down to the minute plans, over flowing diaper bags and trunks that look like we packed for a month. I love to be busy, on the go, always doing something and that is the kind of weekend we had. The 3rd annual fall fest at my in-laws was splendid, terrific weather, wagons lined with hay for the bumpy yet fun ride to the pumpkin patch, 6 crock pots lined up letting keeping squash soup, chili and much more warm, a dessert table to die for including Aunt Jane's famous brownies and 8 grandkids all together again. It was one of those days you just hate to see end and although you know you should go home and crawl into your chilled bed you instead hang by the campfire for just a bit longer. All us mamas laughed, shared stories, kissed chubby little cheeks and teared up when "see ya later" time came all too fast. It was exhausting yet energizing.

Other days are filled with heaps of socks to fold, a sink piled with dishes, a 2 year old lying on the floor already looking to nap time (it is only 8:30am) and well everyone still in their pj's with no plans of dressing. I am learning to embrace this balance. We can't be on the go everyday, some days need to be "home" days, where we don't leave our property (well maybe a quick trip to the post office or grocery store) but days for us to regroup, catch our bearings and just enjoy home. I am going to be content with my "home" day this lazy Monday, maybe some cleaning will get done, maybe not but we will lounge.

See you all this Wednesday, giveaway to come tomorrow!!!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Way Cool

Best Buddies
Pace loved the water!

Chicken coop was a big hit
Oh what fun!
The Children's Museum was so cool today! There were many unique exhibits, the creativity was amazing. We were filled with little boys today and boy did they enjoy. The water area, lego display and chicken coop were among the favs. However Nicole P. and I decided you really need one adult per child, her and I left exhausted! It's a lot of work trying to play with, keep track of and document the fun for two little boys on your own. Sorry didn't capture any pics of baby Caleb:(

There is also an event page for our Halloween Party, check it out on our facebook page- PB & J.
See you next week!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hands on Fun

Madison Children's Musuem here we come!!! We are set to explore the new museum and have lots of fun this Friday October 15th. Meet in the lobby around 10:15, we will plan to eat at Bean Sprouts or another nearby restaurant (open to suggestions). Can't wait to play!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Staying Strong

Isn't it funny how such a little, innocent person can challenge us so immensely? How can a sweet cheeked, jabber box of a newly two year old cause me to enter a war, a battle over something as simple as sleep? Why do little souls hate sleeping? I would jump for joy and run like the wind to my bed if someone told me to go sleep. Oh what a grand day that would be for this mama but for my little one being asked to snuggle in bed, lay still and close his little peepers is a dreaded request.

My now "big boy" loves his new bed at night, when it is dark and Luna is shining brightly but during the afternoon when he can see his toys and hear his always energized baby brother playing downstairs my big boy struggles. Like most two year olds he requires sleep, he needs that nap and all my mommy senses agree but oh it doesn't make it easier. Today was a battle, he cried, called my name, used his sweet small voice to bargain with me saying, "i not tired, all done, little bit over" and it tugged at my heat. I love my little one more than anything and don't like to see him sad but the nap was necessary especially if we were going to make it to see 7pm all in one piece. So I pulled it together, walked downstairs and prayed for peace. Prayed God would help calm him, reassure him his mommy loves him and didn't abandon him.

6 minutes and 18 seconds later he was quiet, no more banging on the gate, no more bargaining just quiet. I carefully tiptoed up the stairs to find my stubborn tiny soul curled up snoring away. Yes, just what we needed.

Stay strong mamas! See you all Friday.