Friday, April 29, 2011

Egg Hunt

Yeah the weather cooperated and it was a beautiful day at the orchard! Hundreds of eggs filled the grass, trees and tire playground. Little ones jumping up and down, excited and carrying their baskets anxiously awaiting the words, "ready, set, go".

The egg hunt was a successful, another great PB & J!

In addition welcome our newest PB & J member, Persimoni Mae Lapacek!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter

Easter baskets, candy, egg dying and more, what a fun-filled holiday! This Easter was a bit different for us. I currently work at Heartland Community Church and we for the first time had three services Sunday. Awesome for attenders but exhausting for staff members! I was to work by 7am and not home until almost 2pm. This change was good though, it forced my husband and I to discuss how we wanted the day to look, what we would tell our kids and what we would celebrate.

A really good friend of mine is also terrific at making me think. Her and her husband have a one year old but they have already hashed out holiday traditions, beliefs and celebrations. Easter really isn't about the candy, bunny or baskets but instead Jesus coming alive again. We decided to first celebrate Jesus, go to church and embrace the real meaning.

Then after naps we did Easter baskets, an egg hunt, coloring eggs and delicious Easter dinner. A wonderful holiday filled with memories!

I hope your day was wonderful too. We will be at Lapacek's Orchard this Friday to have the Easter Egg Hunt!!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Weather in Wisconsin

Well this weather sucks, yep I said it! I never thought our plans this week would be mixed up because of rain and snow.

Our Easter Egg Hunt is this week! The hunt will go on UNLESS it is raining, then we will postpone until April 29th. Please make sure to check Facebook Friday morning for updates. If the weather can cooperate a bit the hunt will start at 10:15.

ALSO there will be a TON of kids which is fantastic but our goal is FUN. The majority of kids are little but we will have some older ones since there's no school. Mamas I know I don't need to even say this but it makes me feel better:) please help your kids share, enjoy the experience and have fun. My mom always used to tell my sisters and I, "you had better share and be kind, I can always go to the store and buy you a bag of candy". So true, the egg hunt is more about the experience and not the goodies. We'll have a section for the real little ones with empty eggs so they can just play and put them in their baskets. When you pull up you will see eggs everywhere but we will try to wait for everyone before starting.

If the weather is nice feel free to bring a snack or lunch. The orchard has a great little walking trail we can check out. See you Friday, I hope I hope!!!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Super Mama

Bouncy Town didn't disappoint; it was fun, filled with running kids and an outstanding team of super mamas. Every PB & J is a new adventure even if we do the same thing or visit a familiar place. My passionate 2 year old (as my mom calls it) can change on a dime, happy and enjoyable to a complete meltdown in a matter of seconds. Sometimes I feel calm, relaxed and confident in my role as a mama of 2 little boys; other times I am stressed, on edge and unsure.

This past Friday took me from one extreme to the next in a matter of hours. Our morning was good, slow, calm, even time for a coffee and curling iron. Bouncy Town was busy and loud but my kiddos enjoyed. I was actually able to help some of my mama friends corral their kiddos, encourage one of my besties she was doing great with her new one and held the meltdown off til the very end.

The afternoon came and oh my did our mood and day shift. Nap time just didn't work out, couldn't get them from the car to beds and couldn't convince them sleep was necessary. As we tried to change scenery and go downstairs the dog pushed Trexen and he tumbled down the basement steps, Pacey fell off the kids table (he shouldn't have been on there!), Trex got a tummy ache and poop went everywhere and I was trying to make a birthday cake during it all. Ugh!

In the end I realized every mom is a super mama. It is hard, down right difficult to be a mama. One kiddo, two, three it doesn't matter, motherhood is filled with moments, some fantastic others not so much. As I watched all the mamas at Bouncy Town it just hit me how super they all are. Loving their kids so incredibly much they find themselves racing around an obstacle course, climbing a tall ladder and taking pictures to capture it all.

Mission complete super mamas, another superb PB & J!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Filled Up

9 mamas, almost 20 kiddos and one full house. PB & J this week was amazing and completely filled me up. I truly believe God has made us all for a purpose, given us unique gifts and has a specific plan for each season of life. Just as this Wisconsin weather seems to finally be changing seasons my season of life appears to be shifting.

I am a type A, planned, do-er kind of person. At about age 6 I had my whole life planned and couldn't wait to be an adult. As my relationship with God has grown and strengthened I've learned my plan is not important, it is about His plan and timing. Up until recently I knew what season of life I was in and it was good, very good. Now as I slowly transition and fall deeper into an unknown path our weekly play dates put me at ease.

Once the last mama left on Friday, I fed my three kiddos (had my nephew for the day), put them down for naps I just sat and smiled. I don't make any money from PB & J, I don't have anything tangible to show other than so-so pictures and I really don't do anything that great but I feel completely filled up. For the first time in a while I felt like that was exactly what God created me for in this season. Moms from all walks of life, communities and backgrounds chatting it up like old friends. Kids wrestling, laughing and trying their very best to share.

Immediately our culture and society try and pull me in, telling me I need to make money, have something to show for my time but then I am reminded life is so much more. More purpose, more love, more meaning and I am getting it from a simple playgroup. I pray you all are getting something from this as well, you feel connected and feel content with this season of motherhood.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

April Showers Bring May Flowers

I don't know why that saying has been in my head so much lately! Whenever anyone says something about the month of "april" that scrolls through my mind. Hope you are having an awesome April so far! I made a semi-plan for the next few weeks of PB & J Days and want to share with you. Please remember I am always open for suggestions. When planning play dates I try to alternate between free activities, ones that have a price and ones that are better for older kids. Also please feel free to invite friends and new mamas, this group is open to anyone. I know it is easier to meet, invite and mingle at a park or the zoo where we aren't confined so hopefully the weather will start cooperating! For the time being here is the plan:

~Friday April 8th- My House (weather's supposed to be yucky and we may have some new moms join- it's always easier to talk at someone's house)
~Friday April 15th- Children's Museum or Madtown Twisters
~Friday April 22nd- Easter Egg Hunt-Lapacek's Orchard
~Friday April 29th- The zoo or a park- weather permitting
~Friday May 6th- No PB & J- Family Movie Night at Heartland

Monday, April 4, 2011

Left at the Dump

Saturday was a sad day at our house filled with tears, anxiety and heart break. On Trexen's 1st birthday his "Oma" my mother-in-law gave him a ribbon blankie. He immediately was attached and has been sucking on the ribbons ever since. Despite numerous cleanings, hand washings and febreeze that blankie was disgusting. Holes lined the edges, most of the ribbons had been reattached several times and the white soft minky turned dark.

Honestly I didn't really have a problem with the blankie. It calmed Trexen, helped him sleep and shushed him in the car. My two children have my unconditional love, I couldn't imagine life without them but they are the most difficult kids ever. Someone is always worked up about something, from day one they were both colicky and never learned to self soothe so the blankie was my friend.

No one else felt this way though and I just got tired of it. My family thought it was disgusting, his Oma fights with him every Tuesday at her house to put it away and my husband can't stand to see it in his mouth. So I was out numbered and caved to the pressure. Friday Trexen dug through my fabric scraps and picked out his squares, sat on my lap helping me sew and was excited to see the finished product.

I let him sleep with both blankies Friday night but Saturday came all too quickly and it was dump day. 7:30am the four of us piled in the car with new blankie and yucky blankie. Trexen was all smiles not really realizing what was about to happen. Daddy dumped all the garbage and yucky blankie, the tears started to fall. He was so sad, truly sad and it broke my heart. He struggled all day to relax and couldn't nap. We stopped at all our family member's houses to show off the new blankie and he was happy but hesitant.

2 nights down now, sleeping has not been great but that's expected. Every so often he says "I just want my yucky blankie so bad" and my heart aches but it is the first of many hardships.

Hope your weekend was wonderful! See you Friday; I am thinking playdate at my house as we have some new moms wanting to join us and it's always easier to chat at someone's house.

Friday, April 1, 2011


Today's PB & J was exactly how it's supposed to be. Almost a year ago now I started praying. I had a stirring, a desire to connect with some mamas while my kids met new friends. At this time I found myself in a new place, my group of friends from high school/college are wonderful but not married and no kids, my family is amazing but I wanted some friends I could relate too. Mamas who could love my chaos, realize my kiddos are challenging but still make the effort to gather once a week.

A year later on a snowy April Fool's I am at a playdate surrounded by incredible mamas and awesome kiddos. We always talk a mile a minute trying to fit in every word while chasing little ones, wiping noses and encouraging the ever so hard concept of "sharing". Today we met baby Grant, snuggled a new little body remembering how blessed we are to be called mommy. We also celebrated pregnancy as we grow with anticipation for Kim to have her 3rd baby girl. Two new mamas joined us today, we exchanged stories, our kids played and it was exactly as it should be.

I am simply speechless, it was absolutely perfect. Exactly as it should be.