Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Little Guys in Ties

This weekend we will celebrate life, the miracle of two little baby boys. As I sprawled out my crafty gear on the kitchen counter hot gluing, cutting and painting last night my husband said it, the terrible question that just burns my ears and hurts my heart, "why are you throwing a shower for them, don't you only do that for your first baby?" Ugh, still after five years of marriage and many years of dating I have yet to fully influence him in this department.

No we don't just celebrate and party for baby number 1. We wonder why middle children or third borns grow up feeling slighted and pulling the poor poor me card. You may think I am a middle child because of my passion for baby parties but no, I am the first born. I did hear my sister's though whining and crying numerous times growing up, "she gets everything, no one cares about us". Oh pa-lease! They were not poor babies and we all received fair treatment and an abundance of love. BUT I do believe every single baby should be celebrated and what a better way than a fabulous party.

***Fine Print Note: Although I would love to throw parties for all babies and everyone getting ready to welcome a new one that is not feasible. My bestest friends and family are the lucky ones for now.

Two of my bestest friends will be welcoming little boys just days apart right around New Years. Both of these mama's have little boys already and are excited to add more blue, trucks and rough play to their houses. When thinking of a theme my friend Jenna (co-host for this party) and I wanted something a bit unique, something that would work for a double shower and something we could make cute things for. We settled on this adorable Little Guy in a Tie theme and I can't wait to see it all come together.

This was just a sneak peek so check back early next week for all the party details and pictures.

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