Monday, January 31, 2011

Snow Day

So we are supposed to get snow, not just a little or even some but a ton of snow! Now I try my hardest to believe the weather forecasters and take what they say as truth so I am planning on over a foot of snow. A major snow storm is all wonderful if you don't have to go anywhere! Thankfully I have a very flexible job and can work from home if needed.

What are you planning to do these next few days? Does the idea of being stuck in your house in your pajamas for multiple days excite you? For me the thought of being stuck at home makes me anxious, my heart beats a little faster and my mind races trying to figure out what I will do to feel productive. Feeling productive and accomplished is something I struggle with daily; part of me wants to lay on the floor and play tractors all day with my two boys but the other half has an intense need to finish something. So I went to the store today and bought more "sassy cow" because in a snow storm you need milk. My to-do list is made and on the counter so if I am stuck in the house I am ready!

Happy Winter- just remember the snow will eventually melt:)

Friday, January 28, 2011

Bouncy Bounce

Well the kiddos are worn out and sleeping, a successful PB & J! We went to Bouncy Town today and it was fabuolus. That place is so nice, the workers are very laid back and they got new bouncy houses for the baby room! There were five of us mamas trying hard to connect but a bunch more kiddos running all around wanting us to watch.

Cedi and Capri got the hottest as they were flying up and down the slides, Kristen was running around like a mad woman keeping up with her two, Miles was taking it all in very quietly, Caleb was up and walking (yes a 10 month old walking) and my boys were bouncing away! Whew I am exhausted but it was just the thing to end our week and start the weekend.

Thanks so much all you mamas- I am incredibly blessed!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Smell of the Zoo

So we managed to get passed the 2 year olds morning meltdown, bundled up head to toe (mittnes included) and went to open gym. I'll admit it would have been easier and it was a bit tempting to just stay in our pj's and cuddle up on the couch. However I am not too nieve to know that is a fairytale, at about 10:17am I would have regretted not leaving house. Open gym was awesome too! Surprising lots of little ones, entertaining toys and two very happy little boys. We even had a new mom join us which was fantastic! Well worth the effort.

AS we were leaving, Trexen started talking about winter and seasons. He went on about how cold it was and the slippery parking lot when all of a sudden he said, "mommy I just want to see the animals". At that very moment, the smell of the zoo, the real smell filled my nose. It was delightful, I dreamed of the warm sun on our face, me in sandals pushing our bus of a stroller and my two little ones excited to see the animals. Oh how wonderful spring will be! The bitter cold air quickly returned bringing me back to reality but for that split second it was marvelous to anticipate a new season.

Keep dreaming, winter won't last forever! Hope to see you this week:)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Forced to Slow Down

So maybe you have noticed less posts, fewer messages and not a recent helpful hint. Or maybe your life has been like mine the past month and you haven't noticed at all! Well as December rolled away and the days seemed to speed up I had a feeling deep inside that life was moving too quickly. My Poplin business was busier than ever which is totally awesome but also exhausting, my full-time job was at the peak of busyness, I was planning for a terrific Christmas, gearing up to be Mrs. Claus, and through it all trying to find a way to catch a little shut-eye. I was enjoying it all but also felt hurried, rushed and stressed. How would I be able to slow down though?

Sickness that's how. Fevers higher than the moon, the smell of vomit lingering through the bedroom, yellow snot flying everywhere and a very traumatic week of potty training. My family has been through the ringer the past few weeks and to top it off I got sick last weekend. Stuck on the cough, barely able to move, wanting to play, sew and enjoy our weekend but there wasn't an ounce of energy to be had. Sunday morning came and went with me still in my pj's on the couch. Today I am feeling better but still not great. Things have definitely slowed down. My blogging has been few and far between, sewing has been rare and the fun level is at a low.

However all things must go up, so I am looking on the bright side and hoping for a better end of the week and start to a weekend! I miss you all and hope to see you this week (despite the bitter cold).

Friday, January 14, 2011

The ONEder Fund

Being inspired by others is fantastic, energizing, powerful, incredible, out of this world refreshing. 2010 was quite the year for me and my family. Nothing major or earth shattering but it was filled with little things that when added together caused tremendous stress and frustration. We have been blessed with two little boys who hate sleeping, both entered this world with colic, struggle with reflux and are just overall challenging. Then I was introduced to this blog "Enjoying the Small Things" and my perspective changed. My boys are healthy and full of life. Yes I am exhausted and sleep deprived but life is good.

This blog is inspiring people all over the world. It is changing lives, spreading awarness and encouraging all of us to look at the glass half full. Please take some time and look at the blog. Read it, let it soak in and join the movement.

Let's be INSPIRED today!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Great Start to the New Year

Friday's PB & J Day was fantastic. We had 7 mamas and 12 kiddos in the house all chatting, playing and laughing. There were new mamas, kids and conversations. What a great start to the 2011 PB & J Day group. Thank you everyone for being involved and doing life together!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Mom's Can't Quit

Little ones in red and green jammies fit snuggly to their body, Christmas tree twinkling, a fire crackling, snow lightly falling outside and daddy reading us all a bedtime story, what a perfect Christmas Eve.

Ok so ours wasn't exactly how I had envisioned the holiday happening. Both my little boys spent Christmas with goopy, green, disgusting noses, barking coughs and glazed over eyes. They were a pitiful sight, trying to be excited and thankful but really just wanting to curl up in mommy's lap. We trudged through the day trying to create joyful memories but beneath it all was frustration.

You plan, anticipate and prepare for weeks. Picturing the perfect Christmas in your mind, playing it out over and over. Then when it finally arrives and the excitement is buried by sickness it is a bummer, a big bummer.

To make matters worse we took on potty training this past week. Trexen has been asking for a while and he was ready and since Jeff and I both had the week off it seemed like a great idea. We have spent the past few weeks preparing Trexen, getting him excited for this new step. Monday went well, 2 accidents and lots of excitement. Tuesday was much of the same. By Wednesday though I could tell it was going downhill. As afternoon rolled around it was getting worse, he was now holding all pee and poop inside. Ok, don't panic I thought call the doctor. Well they just said put him back in! Thursday brought lots of tears, helplessness and pain. Thursday night we contemplated a trip to the ER, we were pumping him full of prune juice and laxatives, but nothing worked.

Today is Sunday and not much has changed. We forced a pull-up on him last night and he finally went today. Not sure where to go from here, he wants to be a big boy and thinks he is doing it isn't. This week has not been one of my best. I said things I didn't mean, had negative thoughts and really just wanted to quit. Motherhood that is; I wanted to be done. This isn't working well, we have 2 of the most challenging kids and I am exhausted. Can't I just be done for a while? NO! Mom's can't quit, I can't leave, can't hide and can't ignore. Motherhood has to move one as does life. I know we will survive this and move on but what a challenging week!

Can't wait to see you all Friday and share holiday stories.