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Each week we will feature an amazing, marvelous mama. You will get a peek into the daily lives of other local mamas, see pics of their family and learn some fun facts.
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Meet Mama... Kim Lapacek
  • Age- 29 yrs
  • Birthday- April 15th
  • #2 profession (mommy is #1)- I may have 3/4/5 professions. First, I graduated from UW Madison with a degree in civil engineering. I worked in my field until I retired at age 25 to stay at home with Cedi and have Capri a few short months later. For three-ish months of the year, I am an owner/operator of the apple orchard – Lapacek’s Orchard. The other 9 months I watch my kiddo’s and work on my crafty business (quilts, bags, hand dyed clothing and other fun sewn items) and The Apple (jewelry). I have a problem sitting still and doing nothing so I try to have lots going on so I avoid this problem.
  • Names/Ages of Kiddos- Mercedi Rose 4 (dob: 11/29/06)
    Capri Grace 3 (dob: 2/24/08)
    Persimoni ‘Pip’ Mae 0 (dob: 4/28/11)
  • Favorite Naptime Pastime- Sewing/quilting/creating
  • Guilty pleasure food item- Chips!
  • Most Challenging Hour of the day- The first hour when everyone is awake – still trying to figure out how to feed all three mouths at the same time.
  • Favorite Baby/Child Product- right now – my moby wrap for Pip, the adjustable roller skates for Cedi, and anything that is ‘buildable’ for Capri
  • Blogs you like, follow or have- My blogs:

    My favorite parent blogs:
    http://http://www.mattlogelin.com(have LOTS of kleenex ready when you read Matt's story...)
  • Favorite local place to take kids- Ella’s Deli, Bouncy Town, Prairie Athletic (swim lessons) the park in Morrisonville
  • Your mommy style in 3 words- One Beer Mom
  • Etc...Favorite Spot to Buy Clothing for the girls:
    Handmade: www.AlltheNumbers.etsy.com, Commercial: Old Navy

    I HATE buying shoes for the girls! I swear – I buy them and then they grow out of them before they have a chance to wear them – ridiculous!

Meet Mama... Nicole Paczesny
  • Age- 30 yrs
  • Birthday- January 20th
  • #2 profession (mommy is #1)- I went to UW LaCrosse where I earned a Bachelor's Degree in Sociology with a minor in Psychology. I was originally planning to go on and get my Master's Degree in Social Work at UW-Milwaukee, but as it got closer I wasn't sure that's what I wanted to do. From there I decided to attend massage therapy school. All through college that is what I really wanted to do so I decided to just do it! I worked as a massage therapist in a downtown Milwaukee spa for about 16 months, up until Brady was born. I had planned to go back after a few months but it's now 4 years later and I am still at home! I still hold my national license and and continue to take continuing education courses.
  • Names/Ages of Kiddos- Brady Michael 4yrs on June 6th, Nathan Michael 2yrs, #3 is due January 1st, 2012!
  • Favorite Naptime Pastime- Well Brady very rarely naps so I never get complete quiet but I sometimes let him watch an episode (or two!) on Disney Junior so I can have some mommy time at the computer or take a shower.
  • Guilty pleasure food item- I have absolutely no self control and some of my weaknesses are Cool Ranch Doritos, ice cream and most chewy fruity candy.
  • Most Challenging Hour of the day- The hour before Mike comes home from work. By that time I am just spent and ready for daddy to get home and take over while I make dinner.
  • Favorite Baby/Child Product- I'd have to say the baby product we've gotten the most use out of was a crib soother. We were given one when Brady was 4 months old and he used it until he was almost 3 1/2 and Nathan has had one since birth. It gives them something to watch and listen to as they settle to sleep on their own.
  • Blogs you like, follow or have- We do have a Paczesny family blog however it has been almost a year and a half since I updated it! Two blogs I follow daily are Enjoying the Small Things and Young House Love, and of course PB & J!
  • Favorite local place to take kids- We love the zoo when the weather allows, Bouncy Town and are members at the Madison Children's Museum.
  • Your mommy style in 3 words- Eat, Sleep, Learn. I figure if I can get my kids to do at least a little of those each day, it's a good day!

Meet Mama... Jenny Dickinson
  • Age- 30 yrs
  • Birthday- April 4th
  • #2 profession (mommy is #1)- Hmm... First I went to UW Eau Claire for Communications and Web Development. I worked as a computer programmer for 3 years before deciding it wasn't for me and went back to school at MATC to become a Certified Veterinary Technician. I worked as a surgical nurse for a specialty clinic on the west side of Madison for 2 1/2 years before deciding to be a stay at home mom when Elin was born. I am currently doing some free-lance web page support for a couple of places in my free time and plan to go back to being a veterinary technician when Elin is around 2 or 3, but who knows where I'll end up to be honest. You never know what opportunities life may throw your way!
  • Names/Ages of Kiddos- Elin 5 months
  • Favorite Naptime Pastime- Staring at the food porm on Smitten Kitchen and deciding which of her recipes I'm going to try next and/or trying a new recipe.
  • Guilty pleasure food item- Sugary cereal, I don't eat the whole box but definitely way too.
  • Most Challenging Hour of the day- Between 2 and 3pm, usually I am bouncing Elin pleading with her to go to sleep for one more nap because if she doesn't she will be crabby when Garret gets home and dinner will be rushed. This is also the time she is least likely to want to nap.
  • Favorite Baby/Child Product- Baby Bjorn. I would never get the dishes done/dinner cooked/laundry done/vacuuming done/etc, etc, etc without it.
  • Blogs you like, follow or have- Smitten Kitchen and of course PB & J.
  • Favorite local place to take kids- So far we haven't gone to tons of places since the weather is just now starting to get nice, but going downtown Madison and walking around the Union/Monona Terrace is nice.
  • Your mommy style in 3 words- Structured attempt at chaos (ok that was four)
  • As a new mom I love advice and meeting/talking with other moms!