PB & J (Play, Bond & Join) is a weekly play date for mamas and kiddos in the Madison, WI area. Once a week we plan a play date at either a park, splash pad, the zoo or someone's house.  There is no structure or formalized agenda, everyone is invited and whoever can make it plays! Generally PB & J day is Friday but we are flexible and go with the flow so if Monday is feeling better we go with it. (Weather determines a lot too!)

PB & J day started in June 2010; I wanted to join mamas and kiddos together for a day of fun. This isn't just a playgroup for kids and it isn't just a group for mommies instead it combines the two. I want moms to get connected, make friends and build relationships while the kids interact, learn to share and have a blast!

This blog will not only keep you up on future PB & J days but will offer a place for encouragment, resources and a good 5 minutes of "mama time".

Enjoy~ Nicole