Monday, February 28, 2011

Spring Fever

You are on your own this week! Once in a while we take a week off and don't officially get together for PB & J Day. This is one of those weeks. I am hosting a baby shower Friday evening for one of my very good friends which means I have lots to do! My sister is taking the kiddos Friday as I will be decorating and preparing for a vintage toy baby shower! (Pics will be posted:)

I do have a little homework for you though. Not sure about you but I have a bad case of spring fever! I want to get out, open the windows and visit the zoo. This week I would love for you to send me some ideas for the spring PB & J season. Where would you like us to go, what do you want to do, are you interested in hosting a play date?

Please comment on this post or email me with some ideas for March-May. I always try to have a variety of "free" activities mixed with ones that cost something; the majority of our kiddos are 4 and under too.

There will be a giveaway for those of you who send ideas. Winner will be picked Friday sometime!

Always an Adventure

Well we just returned from our adventure to Mt. Olympus indoor waterpark. I know for most people a one night trip to an indoor waterpark is a pretty easy, common event. For us though it was a huge, unknown adventure. Not only are our kids 2yrs and 1yrs and only 13 months apart, but they are terrible sleepers. From day 1 they both have hated sleep, they despise it. So taking them to a hotel which in my mind is like a big giant public sleepover was a risk.

After being at the hotel for less than 2 hours, Trexen said, "ok let's go home now." At about 7pm my husband said, "let's just wait until the kids go to sleep to order dinner" and the whole time I am wondering what motivated this trip??? Of course the kids didn't go to sleep until we were all in bed, lights out and some coaxing but overall the trip was a success.

It is easier, less stressful and more relaxing to just stay home but then they won't learn. If we don't put in the work, pack the bags and get in the car for an adventure it can't ever improve. Fun was had and that was the goal!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wonderful Wednesday

We mixed it up a bit this week and met today, Wednesday. Two of the PB & J kiddos have birthdays tomorrow so we had a little celebration at the Britto house today. Another great turnout, lots of running, laughing, chatting and eating. A perfect mid-week boost.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Spoiled Milk

Every one's always saying life is so busy, there just isn't enough time, when things settle down...all of which makes me cringe. It's so true, couldn't be more right but if you let your days fly by with this mentality you will miss it all. Life is fast paced, a full calendar hangs on the door and I am in constant motion. BUT I do my best to love it, not wait until it slows down (because it won't) to enjoy the moments.

Being on the go fills my tank. Even when I am dead tired exhausted loading the kids up for a quick trip for popcorn is always better than being couped up in the house. I love giving my kids new experiences, showing them the world. HOWEVER sometimes it catches up with me...

I found a sippy cup deep in one of my many diaper bags, hidden under an extra pair of undies and a monster truck. This forgotten sippy was filled with milk, old clumpy spoiled milk. Being completely truthful I left it there for a good hour contemplating how I could finagle my husband to deal with it. Finally I pushed up my sleeves plugged my nose and emptied the chunks. Gotta love life, the busyness, craziness and hidden treasures!

Thanks for the great playdate today, it was much needed.

Friday, February 11, 2011


I love planning kids parties, I love how excited the kiddos get, I love how much the other mamas appreciate the chaos being at someone else's house and I really love when admist the craziness my two year old says, "thanks mommy for my party!".

My heart is happy, filled and greatful. My house is covered with crumbs and scattered with toys. I am exhausted, wishing I could take a nap yet so glad we partied. It was all worth it, so LOVEly.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Let the Party Begin

Can't wait to see you all tomorrow!!! Love is in the air and I am excited to celebrate with you and all the little ones.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Get out the Bubbles

It is winter, cold and windy, add in a very long string of sickness and everyone starts to go a little stir crazy. This week we had a record worthy blizzard and what could be chicken pox at my house. I try hard to keep the kiddos busy, coming up with fun activities such as snow in the kitchen, making snow ice cream, homemade play-doh and even the occasional finger painting. Today I felt like my energy was low and my creativity slightly depleted so... we got out the bubbles!

Kids LOVE bubbles in the summer, why not the winter! This kept my one and two year old busy, by themselves for exactly 17 minutes, quite amazing.
(However we did have a pile of bubble liquid on the floor at minute 18)