Friday, March 25, 2011

What a Week

You know those weeks where you feel tired, frustrated, annoyed and just plain crabby...I had one of those weeks. Monday morning rolled around and I was crabby before my eyes even peeked open. The afternoon before my cellphone decided to completely stop working with no warning or reason, it just shut off. I am not big into technology as in I don't need the fancy new gadgets and I can't work a touch screen well at all but I do have a strong need to be "connected". I send friends texts throughout the day, email my hubby and respond to work matters. So to not have this, to be disconnected got under my skin in no time.

Once my eyes were open and I was in motion I discovered both my little ones were congested, feverish and whiny. Alright our winter ritual back on- go to the doctor almost every Monday. I packed the kids up, made it through the hour long appointment without damaging the tiny little exam room to leave with no prescription; they have croup, ride it out. Ok, we've had croup before, we can get through this. To Target we go, diapers, wipes, tylenol and maybe a yummy drink would help pass the day. I get the diaper bag together, prepare Trex for the adventure and panic as I can't find my wallet. I know it was in my bag, where could it be??? I remember letting Pace play with it in the tiny room to keep him quiet, oh I shouldn't have done that. Since I don't have a phone I couldn't call to make sure so we drove all the way back, unload, drag them up to the 2nd floor, yep there it is. Back to elevator, through the reception area and back to the car. At this point that was it, home we go.

Tuesday comes and I feel like a train hit me. Coughing like crazy, sinuses killing me and I can't breath. The 3 sickly ones stay at home all day, not exactly restful for me. However one of my bestest friends Jenna, calls to stay it is the day, her beautiful little baby boy is going to be born! We've been waiting a week for this, her calling to give me updates, going to the hospital and being sent home multiple times and me traveling around with the gift in my car just in case a hospital visit was needed. Now it's the day, she's ecstatic and I am stuck on the couch, you've got to be kidding!

Wednesday arrives, my bestest had her babe and I feel worse than ever. When I call to get a doc appointment they tell me "sorry we are booked today". Ugh, to urgent care I go. As I sit in the waiting room, hearing my husband's words "she's close to kicking the bucket" replay in my mind I am pleasantly surprised when urgent care is actually urgent. Yes, this is going to be good, get me in and out with some meds. I get to the tiny room only to be told I need to put on a gown and be monitored for a while because my oxygen and blood pressure is low. Not only that if my BP drops any more I may have to be hospitalized. As I sit there freezing I realize no one knows this, I can't text anyone, my kids are with my mom and my husband is working. How will I call anyone? Do places even have pay phones anymore? Do I even have change? In the end I am sent home with a strong prescription that hasn't worked yet.

Today is Friday, the end of the week. We came into the home stretch going back to the doctor. Paceler's fever continued all week and he is breathing terribly. Another tiny room visit and my baby has RSV and an ear infection. Oh Lord, help me make it to next week! Our house feels germ infested, I am so congested and coughing intensely I don't even want to talk and I never got to see my bestie's new baby. My phone still doesn't work, I continue to be disconnected and crabby.

However I lay here on our long black couch snuggled next to my baby, listening to him breath a bit louder and more muffled than usual and I am thankful. God is good, I made it through the week and things will get better. In the middle of it all some wonderful person dropped dinner off on my doorstep. Chicken, veggies, oranges, cookies, soda and tea; completely wonderful. I was reminded of the impact a random act of kindness has and how I need to do that more often. I talked with my friend today and she is wonderful, delighted with motherhood, inspiring me to soak in these moments, both good and challenging. I read my cousin's blog detailing their daily struggles with her brand new, very premature triplets and I weep, not only for her but for me. My struggle with sickness this week seems minuscule. My kids are at home, snuggled in and breathing on their own. My husband continues to call me "bunny" and play footsie with me in bed even though my nose is red and raw, I am surrounded in Kleenex, haven't shaved in who knows how long and look like ****.

Life is good dear friends. I love you all, am sorry for my "disconnect" this week and can't wait to get back on track. Enjoy your weekend and all it's moments.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Full of Bounce

Bouncy Town didn't disappoint; it was loud, wild and full of fun. We are usually the only ones there which is a treat so when "big" kids raced through the obstacle courses knocking our little ones over we were a bit surprised. I am glad for this small business to see them filled with customers but it sure is nice to have the place to your self!

In addition to Bouncy Town fun I got a glimpse at life with 3 kids. My close friend Jenna who normally attends PB & J is due to have her second boy any day and didn't think Bouncy Town was a good idea. So I picked up her 4 year old and off we went. The kids loved bouncing and of course worked up an appetite so McDonalds was the next stop. All three boys were so incredibly good, laughing, holding hands and making plans to go to Disney World (December 1st to be exact). Three was crazy, a bit stressful but so joyful!

Have a fantastic weekend, see you next Friday!!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mid-Week Wonderful

Ahhh, the sun is shining, it is not freezing cold and the snow is melting. I am filled with joy and smiling ear to ear. If only I were at home with my kiddos!

We had a totally awesome Macaroni Monday. In fact I enjoyed myself, my friends and all the kiddos so much I completely forgot to take pictures! Oh well, picture it in your mind...6 mamas, 11 kids, about 100 trains sprawled across the floor, a heeping pile of books, laughter, crying, sharing, a little fighting and a big kettle of macaroni. Simply wonderful.

See you all this Friday at Bouncy Town!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Snow Day

Winter is definitely not over! Over 5 inches of snow, cancelled school and no plow in sight made a snuggly pajama day. Unfortunatly we had to postpone PB & J Day until next week. I really missed all my mommy friends but enjoyed my little ones at home. A few pictures from our day...

Cutting down trees

Snow Juice

Decorating our Family Fusion game

Saturday, March 5, 2011


Thank you all for the fantastic play date ideas! I am so excited for this next season and all the fun we will have. Some of the ideas include:
~Olbrich Gardens
~Deer Park
~Columbus Park/Pool
~Lapacek's Orchard
~Keva Sports Center

Yeah, I am all giddy and ready to play!!!

The winner of the delicious and probably much needed Starbucks gift card is commenter # 5... Kristen Tyson!!!

(I gave everyone who commented or emailed an idea a number and then used a random number generator and it chose #5)

Kristen I will have your gift card at the next PB & J Day!