Thursday, September 30, 2010

And the Winner is...

Mrs. Britto!!! Lucky number 16 (there are 15 followers and then I added the 3 comments, used

Mrs. Britto won the amazing fall ring from N's Whims! I will bring the ring to PB & J Day tomorrow (Friday) at the zoo.

We are meeting at the Henry Vilas Zoo tomorrow morning around 10:15 in front of the bison/prairie dogs. We will walk around, look at animals, eat lunch (pack a picnic) and then do the train/carousel if you wish.

Call me 608-215-1473 if you are lost or running late. Can't wait to see everyone.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


What a great fall week. Gorgeous weather, restoring balance in my life (we now have socks, still working on groceries) and a splendid PB & J Day planned for Friday! We are headed to the zoo this Friday. They are forecasting 62 and nothing but sunny skies, sounds like a zoo kind of day to me. The zoo in the summer is fantastic and fun but oh the fall is simply refreshing. All the animals seem a bit happier, welcoming the brisk air. Looking forward to seeing you Friday!!!
Giveaway this week is from N's Whims! My friend Natasha Lutes is an amazing artist creating fabulous pieces every week. This ring is absolutely perfect for fall! You can check out her website and become a fan on Facebook. Comment on this post OR become a follower of the blog for a chance to win. I will randomly pick the winner tomorrow and deliver the ring Friday at PB & J.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Feels like a great week for a giveaway!!! Have a super fantastic fall ring from N's Whims to give away, check back tomorrow for details...

Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Celebration to Remember

It was a spectacular, fantastic, better than I imagined "on the farm" birthday celebration! I admit there was stress, exhaustion, continuous prayer for good weather but every second was worth it, just seeing his smile. Trexen can be shy and unpredictable but not today, he was giddy with excitment, hugging all of his friends showing off his "farm". The weather was cloudy and cool, just like a farm party should be. My husband's man garage transformed into the barn filled with snacks, balloons, hot cider, chocolate milk straws and party hats. Guests arrived and the fun began! My sister, aka tour guide, led the kiddos around the farm stopping at little stations where my other wonderful family members awaited with fun facts and hands on activities. My husband drove the haywagon and parents followed along snapping pictures enjoying the smiles.

Gift giving was chaotic, loud and messy. Kids all talking at once anticipating their gift being opened. After each one was wildly unwrapped Trexen gave each friend hugs and thank yous. He received lots of books, trucks and farm related toys. Birthday cake was delicious as kids slowly reached sugar overload. As the last guests pulled out of the farm we went inside to a heaping pile of dishes, half inflated balloons, presents filling the family room and one extremely happy 2 year old.

As the day of celebrating came to a close we marched upstairs to his new "big boy bed". This tractor bed which his daddy built was highly anticipated on his end and mine. This little life that came into our world 2 years ago said, "oh my goodness" over and over as he saw the bed. So overwhelmed with joy he jumped right up on the bed and slept all night.

Months of planning, preparing and praying for this day of thankfulness, thankfulness for a precious life that has rocked my world was perfect. I am so blessed to be a mama, loving every moment.

Birthday Boy

Chicken Coop

Milking the cow

The barn

The tour begins

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Let it Inspire

PB & J Day is all you this week. As you know the big celebration is quickly approaching and a play date is just not in the cards. Please spend some time cuddling, playing and laughing with your little ones. Email me any photos and I will put them on the blog.

Trexen is down right giddy for his party. Every time we pull into the garage he gets a huge grin, points to the heap of Styrofoam farm animals and in a cute little voice asks, "mommy what those?" Every time I answer, "those are farm animals for your party" and he squeals with excitement! People it is going to be a celebration, an event to remember.

Now for all of you mamas cursing my name right now wondering how I do it all...I don't. There is not a clean sock to be had in this house, our fridge contains an overly squishy tomato, brown lettuce and milk, my closet looks like it exploded and we may just be eating hodge podge for like the 4th night in a row. Life is about balance yes but sometimes the scales tip and that is ok! I do what I can, prioritize my weeks, days, minutes and enjoy these moments. I know Monday will come all too quickly, the celebration only a memory and our scale will slowly balance out but mamas this week we are doing it big!!! Have a fabulous rest of your week, be inspired and live life to the fullest.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Party Madness

It is the big week, my crafting room is piled high, the counters are covered, the garage is lined with farm animals and prayers are continuous...Trexen's 2nd birthday takes place Saturday!!!
Everyone in my family has some part in this event, preparing food, sewing party favors, building chicken coops, collecting hay bales and well of course leading the farm tour. Praying for spectacular weather and a happy temptered 2 year old.

Stay tuned for more birthday bash details...

Friday, September 17, 2010

Lovin' Lapacek's

What a terrific, no spectacular, PB & J Day!!! Thank you to the Lapacek family for letting us take over the orchard and for the delicious apples and pears. We had a big group of mamas and kiddos today making it all the more fun. The orchard walk was filled with running kids, lots of apple trees, friendly kittens and the sound of laughter. From there the kids attacked the play equipment only stopping for a brief moment to choke down lunch. Well except for the kiddos who have awesome mommies and were able to eat caramel apples for lunch! Instead of ducks trying to get Toria's sandwich it was kittens today, they were overly friendly thankful for any little morsel of food. After a few hours we all left arms filled with apples, cider and kids begging to stay. Thanks everyone for another fantastic day. See you next week!

Say cheese! The epitome of trying to get kids to look at the camera. Missing a few mamas and kiddos but hey we tried!

Pacey crawling around

Capri & Trexen, future Mr. & Mrs.

Nathan enjoying an apple

The girls eating lunch

Cedi, "I am the king of New York City"

Baby Caleb, so stinkin' cute

Logan loving the playground

Oh Capri, such a farm girl

Renea & her girls ready for the orchard walk

Gavin aka "leader of the pack"

Thursday, September 16, 2010

And the Winner is...

Yeah The Paczesny Family has won the giveaway this week. 2 delicious, sweet, lip smacking caramel apples are yours!!! You can pick your apples up at the orchard tomorrow, Friday September 17th during our PB & J Day. See everyone in the morning, this will be a super fun time!

The Paczesny Family said...
SO hoping Nathan is up to coming on Friday after his eye surgery tomorrow! I've got to admit, I like any apples as long as they aren't cooked and mushy! Caramel apples are definitely awesome!! :)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

An Apple a Day...

Crisp cool air, changing leaves and caramel apples, all the joys of fall! My friend and her family own an amazing apple orchard filled with yummy treats and fabulous activities for the kids. This Friday PB & J Day will be at the orchard! As long as the weatherman is correct (doesn't happen often but let's hope) we will meet at the orchard around 10:30. There is a lovely orchard walk, goats, chickens, duck races, play equipment, tire playground and picnic tables so pack a lunch!
Today is also giveaway day!!! Comment on this post telling me your favorite kind of apple or what you like to make with apples. The winner, chosen at random, will get 2 caramel apples this Friday at the orchard!!!
Winner will be chosen tomorrow night:)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

2 Weeks 2 Go

2 week countdown has begun! Farm Party planning is in full swing around here. Party hats are finished, menu is set, cow balloons and cups ordered and farm tour is mapped out. Now have to make a bunch of signs/banners, figure out how to make all the animals stand up in the yard and finish the coloring book party favors!
Getting ready to make party hats

Party hats!

Piggy boxes & other decor
PS... PB & J Day is on Friday this week. Can't wait to see everyone!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Surviving or Thriving

September 1st I declared we were moving out of survival mode into living mode. Since Paceler was born we have simply been trying to survive. Doing our very best to make it through each hectic, crazy, sleepless day all in one piece. I felt us fall into a bubble, too tired to think yet alone enjoy life. These past few weeks it has really hit me, made me sad and frustrated that a precious, adorable nine and a half month old child has ruled our life. Pace is such a blessing, totally God's timing and plan and for that we are forever grateful. But and I say BUT loudly, life has changed, my marriage has changed, my schedule has changed, my focus has changed, my enthusiasm has changed, everything. Change is outstanding, I love it and fully wanted life to change with kids but we were given two, not one but two, children who hate sleep. They don't know how, aren't good at it and really just despise it all together. This factor alone pushed us into pure and utter survival mode. Many said having a baby when our oldest was just 13 months would be a challenge, trying to give them each attention and time would be impossible but no, those things aren't difficult it is simply the fact we don't sleep.

So September 1st I decided that was it, we are transitioning from survival mode to living mode. We will no longer dwell on the fact we are beyond words exhausted and we don't see any sleeping improvements instead we will LIVE. We will take Trexen to swimming lessons, I will join a women's bible study (not just join but fully dive in), have friends over for dinner, plan and prepare 2 over the top birthday parties for my little ones, go on day trips, build a tractor bed (that one is Jeff's project), continue working full-time, bake cookies for the neighbors, participate in all things wedding for my sister, continue creating with Poplin and attend some craft shows this fall/winter, think about other people, serve other people, accept help without hesitation, continue weekly play dates, go on dates with my husband, call and email friends, send birthday and thinking of you cards, set my alarm, do my hair in the morning, run a few times each week and most of all enjoy life! I don't want to spend my time obsessing over how tired I am, short on patience missing all the wonders of the day.

Night number 1 came and... we took Pace to my mom's!!! Thank goodness for grandparents. We at least entered this new phase well rested. I for see this being a slow, steady transition but hey attitude is everything. Along with this I am working on being realistic, not everything I plan or would like to happen can. We do have 2 kids under the age of 2 and I love it, wouldn't trade it for the world. Survival mode was necessary and expected but we are looking ahead...

Are you surviving or living?

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Rainy Day Play Date

It was just the right morning for a play date! Cloudy, rainy, dreary outside but lively and energetic inside. The kiddos built train tracks, raced cars and played catch while the mamas talked, laughed and shared stories. We had pizza bagels, grapes, bruschetta and juice boxes for lunch topped off with a cookie! Thanks everyone for giving me something to look forward to each week. For those of you who couldn't make it, we missed you! Hope to catch up the next time.