Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Holistic or Hazardous

Not sure why but when people start talking about holistic, organic, all natural I secretly roll my eyes and think "here we go". Maybe it's because many people are very passionate about this topic which can cause friction amongst groups or maybe it's because I feel a little guilty because I usually don't take the time to think about it. Of course I don't want to fill my body with chemicals and toxins but I also don't want to be so on edge about every little thing.

My husband is very much a live off the land, all natural, no dye kind of guy. When I get home with groceries I know they will be inspected, my choices will be judged and graded. He is strongly against corn syrup, extra colorings and anything else that seems hazardous. I'm not a toxin lover or anything but come on, $6 for organic jelly and $5 for a half bag of all natural chips that will be gone after one dinner and a lunch, I just can't do it.

I have gotten on board and made my own laundry soap, strawberry jam, we have all natural household cleaners and our chest freezer is full of whole organic free range chickens. Since being pregnant my skin is out of control, I mean it is scary. I've never had good skin but at the beginning of summer I occasionally enter the Piggly Wiggly without make-up and ventured to the post office fresh faced so when I got an itchy rash all over my legs and big painful bumps on my face (don't pretend you haven't noticed, you have) I freaked. I didn't experience this with my first two pregnancies so it is uncharted waters.

After several emails and chats with a good friend who lives far away but it always there to talk about anything I started researching skin products. Guess what I found... my approach has been all wrong and my current soap was filled with toxins. She recommended Dr. Hauschka's holistic skin care- extremely pricey but worth it at this point. Since the birth of her fourth boy she was left with scars on her olive skin and wished she has found this earlier so I wasn't taking any chances.

A hundred dollars later and my face still isn't good but at least I know there are no chemicals being applied and absorbed into my skin. I also found this awesome website that rates skincare products from 0-10 for hazardous ingredients, it explains them and the effects they could have. Let's just say I've become a little obsessed; I discovered my on sale what a bargain purchase for my husband's face wash may be slowly killing him with all the chemicals.

I have no plans to ditch everything, spend a fortune and only have holistic natural products but when we are almost out of something I will do the research, spend a little more and say no to all the chemicals.

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  1. I hope this stuff works for you! I definitely know how frustrating, and expensive, it can be to try to find something to "help" skin. I'm learning, in my old age :P, that less is more, for sure!!